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Product Description:
The Digi Count Takeoff Pro allows you to do your takeoffs directly from your computer screen.

With the future of paperless estimating soon approaching, Digital Takeoff Technology will be the way that everyone performs their takeoffs.

The Digi Count Takeoff Pro has been designed for easy use eliminating the need of long learning curves allowing you to perform takeoffs right out of the box.

In the counting mode you will create a tag or select one of the pre-created tags from the database. As you move through the drawings just click to count your items inserting tags as you click.

Individually colored tags make each item stand out for easy recognition.

All counts are clearly listed for quick viewing.

The counts can then be viewed in a separate report which includes cost and man-hours.

With the Digi Count Takeoff Pro Measuring is just as easy.

Start by selecting a scale and applying options.

The options can be a simple as choosing a line color and giving it a name or you may elect to include a raceway size and up to 3 different size conductors for each measurement.

One unique feature that the Digi Count Takeoff Pro offers is the ability to include vertical measurements that will automatically be added to your horizontal measurements.

Click any 2 points on your screen and you have recorded a measurement.

The measurements will also be displayed as you complete them.

You can select the round up feature to change the measurements to the nearest 10'.

The Digi Count Takeoff Pro allows you to view just the Counts or Just the Measurements by applying layering technology.

Our endless database allows you to create as many tags or measurements as you need.

This feature makes the Digi Count Takeoff Pro practical for anyone that has a need to count or measure.

Please take a few minuets to view the video located on the home page for more information.

You can have the future today.

Digi Count Takeoff Pro by 1st Choice Electrical Estimating Software.
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